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Dave Vella introduces bill to lower property taxes for seniors

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Rep. Dave Vella, on Thursday, introduced legislation to lower property taller for seniors.

The 68th District Democrat’s bill freezes value for seniors who receive Social Security income.

“While property taxes are a massive burden on all of us, they are especially costly to seniors who rely on a fixed income,” Vella said. “Our seniors deserve better than to be driven out of their homes due to skyrocketing property tax costs.”

The legislation,House Bill 1807, grants an assessment freeze homestead exemption to seniors receiving SSI and have a household income under $55,000. The exemption freezes the equalized assessed value of the property, which would reduce property tax increases.

Vella says he is making it a priority to keep money in the wallets of his constituents, introducing bills he says prohibits legislators from abusing taxpayer dollars for their own financial gain. He has also refused to take a taxpayer-funded pension.

“Taxpayers, and especially seniors, have been harmed by our property tax system for far too long,” said Vella. “It is critical that we get relief to those who need it most, and I will continue to look for opportunities to reduce the burden that property taxes place on my constituents.”