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City Market expands to separate event from protesters

ROCKFORD – City Market will expand its footprint to include Marino Park to separate attendees from protesters.

Owned by the Rockford Park District, Marino Park has been an area occupied by protesters this summer. The market was closed last week after protest organizers vowed they would turn up the intensity of their demonstrations.

“Closing Rockford City Market for a week provided us some time to formulate a plan and have some critical discussions since being thrust into this difficult situation,” Rockford Park District Board President Scott Olson told 

Officials say bullhorns, sirens and what has been reported as “lawlessness and aggression” will not be permitted on the property. The park will be patrolled by Rockford Park District Police.

Eleven people were arrested outside the market last Friday. Organizers say they have no plans to stop the demonstrations.

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