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Police: Crosswalk near City Market closed to protesters

ROCKFORD — In response to protests outside City Market over the summer, the Rockford Police Department announced Friday that the crosswalks at the corner of East State and Water streets will be closed from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“City Market organizers, in coordination with Rockford Park District and Rockford Police Department, have expanded the area designated for protesting to include an additional portion of N. Water Street, adjacent to Joe Marino Park, and a portion of the sidewalk on the south side of E. State Street,” Rockford Police Public Information Officer Michelle Marcomb said in a release.

The crosswalk will be closed for the duration of City Market.

Organizers say the changes announced Friday were made to protect for both protestors and City Market attendees.

Those who violate the law, causing a breach of peace or infringing on other people’s rights; those who impede the traffic or travel of others; or those who pose a threat to public safety will be subject to arrest,” Marcomb added.

Nearly two dozen arrests have been made outside City Market this summer. Charges range from disorderly conduct to aggravated battery of police officer.

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