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Winnebago County coroner charged with forgery, Frank Haney calls for his resignation

ROCKFORD — Another spending scandal involving a Winnebago County administrator was announced Thursday as Coroner William Hintz and his wife have been charged with a litany of criminal charges.

Hintz, 50, is charged with eight counts of forgery, four counts of official misconduct two counts theft and two counts of conspiracy. His wife, Michelle, charged with with three counts of counts of unlawful use of a credit card, two counts of theft and two counts of conspiracy.

Prosecutors say the thefts totaled more than $15,000 and occurred between April 7, 2018 and July 6, 2020. The investigation began in February 2020.

Hintz was elected county coroner in 2016 is up for re-election in November. He’s running unopposed. As of this report he is being held on a $15,000 bond.

It is not clear whether he will return to his post while awaiting trial. However, Winnebago County Board Chairman is calling for him to step down.

“Mr. Hintz should step down immediately,” Haney said. “The taxpayers must be able to trust their representative who serves as the chief law enforcement officer in the county, runs inquests, participates in homicide investigations, and trials.

Rockford Advocate will have more on this story as it develops.

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