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Winnebago County Republicans call for coroner’s resignation

ROCKFORD — The Winnebago County Republican Party is calling for Coroner Bill Hintz to resign amid allegations that he and his wife illegally used a county credit card.

“The Coroner’s office is a part of our criminal justice system and we just cannot have it occupied by a person accused of a crime,” GOP Chairman Eli Nicolosi said in a release.  “Additionally, it is a critical position that needs to be filled. Unfortunately, public corruption is not a partisan issue and it always places a dark cloud on our perception of government. The vast majority of elected officials are true public servants who come from amongst us, sharing our values and concerns about good governance. Mr. Hintz should now do the right thing and step down so that we can move forward with reclaiming the coroner’s office and give it back to the people of Winnebago County.”

Hintz, 50, and his wife, 50-year-old Michelle Hintz, were charged with multiple counts of theft and forgery Thursday. Prosecutors say between Jan. 30 and Feb, 2 of this year, the couple used a Winnebago County credit card to make $15,000 worth of personal purchases, including hotel stays. Hintz is accused of trying to cover up the purchases with fake receipts.

Hintz ran on the Republican ticket in 2016. He’s on the 2020 ballot unopposed.

Nicolosi’s statement comes a day after Winnebago County Chairman Frank Haney, also a Republican, called on Hintz to step down.

Hintz could not be reached for comment.

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