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Jonathan Logemann returns to Rockford City Council after National Guard deployment

ROCKFORD — Jonathan Logemann was again sworn in as alderman of Rockford’s Second Ward Tuesday after serving a tour of duty with the Illinois National Guard.

Logemann was deployed to Afghanistan in July 2019 as part of the Illinois Army National Guard’s 178th Infantry Regiment. The Democrat is a teacher at Auburn High School.

“I’m really pleased that you are home safe and sound, and that you are joining your lovely wife and children,” Mayor Tom McNamara told Logemann before the swearing-in. “There’s probably no better time that we can have Jonathan (re)joining us. From his regular day job being a teacher to going off to serve our country and now coming back to City Council, all of it is about service to people. And when you look at the items that are before us, whether it’s a global pandemic, if it’s out budgetary constraints, if it’s civil unrest and calls for reform, it’s ultimately all about serving people. We are fortunate to have you back on council.”

Tony Gasparini served as Second Ward aldermen while Logemann was in the Middle East. Logemann’s four-year term expires in 2021.

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