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Rockford officer who shot local man during police chase named

ROCKFORD — The officer who shot a local man during a police chase Friday has been identified.

Authorities say Dominik McNiece, an officer with the department since 2013, discharged his service weapon near Harrison Avenue and South Main Street (Illinois Route 2) Friday, striking 21-year-old Tyris Jones three times–once in the arm, twice in the back.

It has been reported that McNiece believed Jones had a weapon. However, no weapons were found at the scene.

The situation unfolded around 5:30 p.m., Oct. 3, when officers spotted Jones, wanted on outstanding warrants, driving a vehicle and attempted to make a traffic stop. Jones allegedly sped away from police and crashed into another vehicle before fleeing on foot.

Winnebago County State’ Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross said Saturday that McNiece fired a total of five shots when Jones approached another motorist.

Jones is in critical condition as of this report.

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