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City mulls how to spend cannabis revenue

ROCKFORD — The Rockford City Council is set to begin discussion about how to spend funds generated by sale of legal marijuana.

The city receives a 3-percent sales tax for all recreational cannabis sold in Rockford. Monday, city staff  staff dedicated the use of those funds to support various programs that enhance our community. Staff recommended that the tax fund programs for economic and business development, education, youth programming, job training, health, or other financial assistance to benefit how who have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis-related laws.

Aldermen will also consider funding programs to reduce both the total amount of gun violence and concentrated poverty in Rockford and those to  protect communities from gun violence through targeted investments and intervention programs. Leaders say efforts surrounding those programs include family violence prevention, community trauma treatment rates, gun injury victim services, and public health prevention activities.

Funds could also be used for economic development, violence prevention services, zero-entry and re-entry services, and youth development.

Funding for a specific program requires City Council approval. Funds are expected to be available in January.

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