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Illinois receives nearly 270K more doses of coronavirus vaccine

CHICAGO — Illinois has received a total of 108,225 doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine and 161,400 doses from Moderna, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office reported Tuesday.

The doses do not include those delivered directly the Chicago Department of Public Health. Chicago, however, is included in the statewide total of vaccines given to date. As of Monday, 126,211 shot have been administered.

“Starting last week, our federal partners are delivering doses directly to Local Health Departments (LHDs) and providers like hospitals with appropriate storage capabilities,” Jordan Abudayyeh, the governor’s press secretary, said in an email.” These doses are not going to the Illinois Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).”

The State of Illinois has set aside 76,050 doses for the federal CVS/Walgreens partnership that has begun vaccinations in the state’s skilled nursing facilities this week. This figure does not include doses for skilled nursing facilities in the City of Chicago, those will come from CDPH’s allocation. That number is 50% of the needed allocation to complete the first dose at all skilled nursing facilities in the state.

The remaining 50% will be reserved over the next two weeks.

The first day of the CVS/Walgreens partnership started yesterday with 26 clinics; the process to vaccinate staff and residents at state-run skilled nursing facilities for veterans has also begun.

The third shipment of the two vaccines will be delivered on a rolling basis starting Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, Abudayyeh said. Because of Christmas and New Year’s Day, health departments and providers must certify that they are open full hours on the holiday and able to receive the shipment. Those who place their order today and certify they are open are expected to receive their shipment Thursday.

Abudayyeh said those who are unable to receive their shipment because of the holiday will receive their shipments Monday.

The shipment schedule is subject to change.

Featured image: Tim Reckmann Impfstoff via photopin (license)

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