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House Dems mull Trump impeachment

WASHINGTON — Democrats are discussing Friday whether to impeach President Donald Trump if his Cabinet does not remove him via the 25th Amendment.

The announcement comes two days after a mob of Trump supporters descended on Washington and stormed into the Capitol as Congress was confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s 306 electoral votes.

House Democrats are scheduled to meet at noon, the first meeting since Wednesday’s violent event that left five people dead and nearly 60 police officers wounded followed speeches by the president during which he encouraged his supporters to make their presence known.

If Friday’s meeting is successful, the House could take up articles of impeachment against Trump next week. Meanwhile, Trump’s Cabinet hasn’t announced whether it is considering invoking the 25th Amendment, a move that would relieve Trump of his duties and shift them to Vice President Mike Pence immediately.

House members say they will move swiftly if they move to impeach the president with a goal of removing him from office before Jan. 20, when Joe Biden takes over.

“I can confirm that we have had discussions about it and I would hope that the speaker would move forward if the vice president refuses to do what he is required to do under the Constitution,” said Rep. James Clyburn told CNN. “Everyone knows that this president is deranged.”

Some Republicans are also on board with removing the president before his term expires. Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, said he will “definitely consider” impeachment.
“The president has disregarded his oath of office,” Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska told CBS, saying Trump incited Wednesday’s violence.

Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger called on the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment Thursday.

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