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RPS 205 replaces snow days with remote learning

ROCKFORD — E-learning will replace snow days for students in the Rockford Public School District 205, the district announced Thursday.

During snow and emergency days, students will attend school through a remote-learning day. The school board approved  the plan in December.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean school cancellations or snow days are gone forever,” RPS Superintendent  Ehren Jarrett said in a letter t families and staff. “E-Learning days will be considered as an option. The goal behind this plan is to continue teaching and learning and maintain a routine for our students. More information  is on the 205 VIBE website.

Jarrett said the district will share news of an emergency e-learning days with families and staff as early as possible via text message, phone call, email blasts, media alerts, social media and mobile app posts and website publications. When officials anticipate severe weather that could trigger a snow day or emergency day, students will be directed to take home electronic devices, just in case.

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