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BBB: Warm weather can bring roofing scams

ROCKFORD — As spring temperatures begin to show themselves, so do contractors looking to make a quick buck for work they don’t complete, according to the director of the local Better Business Bureau office.

Dennis Horton, who heads the BBB’s Rockford Regional Office, is alerting consumers to use caution when hiring someone to inspect or remove snow from their roofs. And while unscrupulous companies can be convincing, Horton said there is one way to avoid being ripped off.

“Scammers and shoddy contractors are quick to offer inspections their services for snow removal after a major snow,” Horton said. “If someone shows up at your door or calls and offers to inspect your roof and demands cash up front or tries to get you to sign a contract on the spot are best served by turning down the offer. Scammers usually prey on fear and urgency to move in fast, and this year’s intense snows have people concerned.”

The Better Business Bureau also recommends researching contractors at to find reputable companies. Horton says consumers should ask for references, make sure a company inspecting or doing any work has the proper licenses and insurance and never let strangers inside their homes without reaching their background.

Scam attempts can be reported on the BBB’s Scam Tracker.

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